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There is so much to see and do within Australia that we strongly recommend you take time to consider tourist information sites and travel agents. Here are just some of the Australian tourist highlights to get you started.

Bald Hill (NSW)

Bald Hill is a well-known landmark in the Illawarra that looks out over the ocean and the Illawarra coastline and it's a place that hand-gliders use for taking off in the hand-gliders and landing on one of the beautiful beaches below the mountains.

Bald Hill.jpg

Uluru (also known as Ayres Rock - Northern Territory)

In Central Northern Territory there is a famous large rock, renowned for its size and divine changing colours as the day passes, which can be climbed or walked around.

The climb is not prohibited but you are asked to respect the local law and culture by not climbing Uluru. The climb can be dangerous. Too many people have died while attempting to climb Uluru.


The Great Barrier Reef (Queensland)

The Great Barrier Reef is so large it can be seen from the moon! It extends along the majority of the east coast of Queensland and provides excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities as well as glorious islands and beaches all along the coast.


The Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

A picturesque coastline is enhanced by a lush green landscape that encapsulates the Victorian coastline. Tours are available from Melbourne as well as Adelaide. With the Twelve Apostles a highlight (sandstone rocks along the coastline being carved away by the ocean) you may even like to join a helicopter flight to see them from a better angle.

Ski Fields (New South Wales)

Traditionally Australia is known for its warm temperatures; however, there are also several mountains (e.g. Mt Kosciusko) which attract snow each year providing much fun for skiing, snowboarding, or just relaxing amongst the beauty of the white covered mountains. By summertime the snow has melted and the mountains are just as beautiful covered in lush green vegetation.

Ski Fields NSW.jpg
Kosciusko National Park .jpg

National Parks – throughout Australia

Every state has many national parks that can be explored. Some of the most visited parks include; Kosciusko National Park (NSW), The Grampians (VIC), The Daintree Forest (QLD), Namadgi National Park (ACT), Cradle Mountain National Park (TAS) and Kakadu National Park (NT).

Zoos (New South Wales)

There are several Zoos within Australia two of them being the Taronga Zoo; directly across from the Sydney CBD and the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo; four hours by road from Sydney.

Bondi Beach_382197427.jpg

Bondi Beach (New South Wales)

A world-renowned beach which attracts tourists from all over the world – a fabulous place to laze away the days during our beautiful summer weekends or during your holidays.

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains NSW

The three sisters were formed when the Blue Mountains were covered by an ocean, which carried large amounts of sediment that gradually sunk to the floor that gradually created rock beds and shales.

Around 200 million years ago, volcanoes erupted through the sandstone and shale layers, forming the ridges and the natural beauty of the Three Sisters that we see today.

three sisters.jpg

The ‘Outback’

The ‘Outback’ is a generic term used for the broad areas within Australia which are sparsely populated. The towns within these areas usually have a particularly relaxed and country feel to them often filled with welcoming locals typically referred to as ‘true-blue Aussies.’

Country NSW

Places like Newcastle, Wollongong, Goulburn, Mudgee, Dubbo, Lithgow, Bathurst, Central Coast, South Coast are all within relatively easy travelling distance from Sydney and offer a myriad of interesting and exciting places to visit.

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