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Living & Studying in Sydney

When you study with us in Sydney, you’ll be living and enjoying life in one of the most vibrant and contemporary cities on the planet and the gateway to the rest of Australia - a vast and ancient continent stretching from the tropics to the snow, a place full of strange animals and a unique indigenous culture that stretches back over 80,000 years.
Sydney is our largest city and has many attractions, such as the infamous Opera House and our Sydney Harbour Bridge, or ‘Coat Hanger,’ as we Sydney-siders call it, all situated on one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. 
With a population of over 5million people, Sydney these days is a modern bustling metropolis, with a rich convict and colonial history and now recognised internationally as one of the globes most multicultural cities. 
When you live and study in Sydney you will also discover many different cultures, as there are more than 250 different languages spoken here with over 34 percent of the population born overseas and now permanent residents. Consequently, there are culinary delights, restaurants and local beverages to suit every taste and palette. 
Today, Sydney also ranks tenth in the world in terms of a quality of life, an affluent city situated in the cradle of South East Asia, making it one of the most popular destinations for international travellers. 
If you enjoy fine weather, outdoor activities and miles of endless beaches, all of this will be right on your doorstep when you live and study here, with plenty of nightlife and endless things to do, every day of the week. 
Hopefully we will welcome you to our special part of the planet very soon - because once you’ve tasted our way of life you may not want to go home!

Why Sydney?

  • Great beaches and surfing

  • Great public transport system

  • Safe, clean and easy to navigate

  • Lots of work and accommodation opportunities

  • World famous festivals and events throughout the year

  • Blue Mountains and other scenic attractions only 90 minutes away

  • Snorkelling and surfing at local beaches

  • World-class restaurants and food from all over the world

  • Bush walks and visits to animal sanctuaries

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