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SITSS00069 Food Safety Supervision Skill Set




























Course Overview

Australia and New Zealand share a joint Food Standards setting system that ensures food sold in both countries is safe and suitable for human consumption.  This is the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.  In Australia the States and Territories enforce the Code through their own State or Territory laws.  In New South Wales this is the Food Act 2003, and the Food Regulation 2015.

Other states and territories deliver this through their own Food Acts (e.g. Victoria has the Food Act 1982, Queensland has the Food Act 2006 etc).

Staff who work as a Food Safety Supervisor need to know the Regulations and how to best manage Work, Health and Safety in the kitchen environment and to ensure strict hygiene procedures are in place so that all food served is safe to eat.

Serious offences related to the sale of food are consistent across all states and territories and provide a level playing field for food businesses nationwide.

These offences relate to:

  • Sale of unsafe food

  • Sale of unsuitable food

  • Misleading conduct in relation to the sale of food (includes advertising)

  • Sale of food not complying with purchaser’s request (e.g. allergenic declaration made by consumer).

  • Sale of equipment or packaging and labelling material in a way that may render food unsafe.

  • Non-compliance with a provision of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

  • False description of food. 


This Skill Set is designed to provide an overview of the core offences food handlers and proprietors need to be aware of when working in NSW.

The course is recommended for anyone working in a food-related role within industries such as (but not limited to):

  • Events and Conference Centres

  • Food Processing

  • Health and Community (e.g. Aged Care, Child Care, Hospitals)

  • Hospitality (e.g. Bars, Pubs and Clubs)

  • Resorts

  • Retail

  • Transport Distribution


Certificate Issue


Upon successful completion of the Food Safety Supervisor course, a Certificate will be issued to you within 24-48 hours. The certificate is valid for a period of five years, after which you have the option to either complete a re-certification course, redo the entire Food Safety Supervisor course, or allow the qualification to lapse if you are no longer employed in a relevant role.

International Students

Focal Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Australian College of Hospitality is registered with the Australian Government to accept international students – our CRICOS Code is 01497F.  As such, we are able to enrol international students in Australia on a Student Visa (sub-class 500) in the Food Safety Supervisor Course.

Enrolment Requirements

All participants must have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number.  The Enrolment Application Form, 100 Points of Identification Checklist and a USI Application Form are available on this website.  Please download the relevant forms, complete them and email them back to  Alternatively, the forms can be completed at the College.

The USI is a unique number allocated to a person who enrols in any formal training course in Australia.  If you do not already have a USI, you can apply for one yourself or, alternatively, we can – with your permission – assist you with obtaining one.  If you need us to help you with obtaining a USI, please return the USI Application Form and ID documentation to us and we can then apply for a USI for you – it’s a very simple process.


Students are issued with a hard-copy or electronic handbook at the time of their enrolment.  Students are required to read the handbook in order to be able to understand the course requirements.  This makes it easier to participate in lessons.  Assessment consists of a range of True/False and short answer questions and a short demonstration of hygienic food handling practices.

Study Commitment

This course will be conducted over one day via Face to Face classes at our premises in Bankstown or it can be undertaken online or workplace-based.

Course Content

Our course covers the two essential units of competency required to obtain a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate:

  • SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety

  • SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling practices.


Course Outline


During the course you will learn how to:

  • Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards

  • Report any personal health issues

  • Prevent food contamination

  • Manage allergens and customers with allergies appropriately*

  • Effectively clean and sanitise food preparation surfaces and equipment*

  • Handle eggs and egg products safely*

  • Prevent cross-contamination by washing hands

  • Follow food safety program

  • Store food safely

  • Prepare food safely

  • Provide safe single use items

  • Maintain a clean environment

  • Dispose of food safely


Course Fees

The cost of the Food Safety Supervisor Course is $160.00. 

Can I work as a Food Safety Supervisor immediately after completing my course?

Yes, once you have satisfactorily completed your assessment and been deemed competent, you will receive your Certificate within 24 – 48 hours.  This Certificate will enable you to work as a Food Safety Supervisor immediately.  However, remember that NSW Food Authority certificates expire five years from the date of issue, so you must renew your Certificate every five (5) years to ensure you stay up-to-date with the Regulations.


Classes are conducted regularly subject to sufficient student enrolments.  Please contact the College for available dates.

Work-based classes can be arranged for an employer who has a number of staff needing to be trained as Food Safety Supervisors. 


Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9791 6555 or via email to

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