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Summer Skills Courses 

See if you are eligible for any of these free-fee Summer Skills short courses ....

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Summer Skills Short Courses

Summer Skills is a fee-free* short course program for young people leaving school in 2022 or having left school recently (up to 24 years of age), to develop job ready skills over the summer months. These short courses are the perfect way to gain employment in these high-demand industries and pursue a rewarding career.

Learn skills for real jobs, build your resume and join school leavers across NSW planning for their future.

For More Information:

CHCSS00081 Induction to Disability

SG00002377 Statement of Attainment in Individual Support

SG00002344 Statement of Attainment in Hospitality (Espresso Coffee and Hygienic Practices)

SG00007423 Statement of Attainment in Hospitality (Food Prep, Simple Dishes, Sandwiches, Cookery Skills, RSA, Espresso Coffee, Hygienic Practice

SG00007433 Statement of Attainment in Hospitality (Back of House)

Application Form

To apply to any of these courses, please complete the Application Form and send it to Or Call Dani today on 0431 296 322 or 1800 501 277.

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