Why Study with Us

Why Study with Us

The Illawarra Business College has trained hundreds of students, giving them the skills they need to start a new career or obtain the promotion they were seeking. The College also offers specialised training services to persons undergoing rehabilitation following an accident or serious illness. Our team of empathetic staff can assist students to regain their confidence with new skills and re-start their careers.

  • Our courses have been designed with extensive input from professionals from many industries to ensure our students are really prepared with the skills and knowledge they will need in their careers
  • Our trainers all have current industry experience, undertake regular professional development to ensure they are abreast of what’s happening in their industry and have a strong customer-service focus
  • Our management team is highly qualified and experienced in the management of our courses, campus and students
  • We offer a professional, friendly, happy and relaxed atmosphere in which to study your new career options
  • The College campus is modern, attractive, carpeted and air-conditioned with comfortable, well-lit classrooms and offers free Wi-Fi and internet access
  • We offer numerous social activities and outings which all contribute to a well-rounded study programme
  • Students have access to an on-site restaurant and outdoor eating area to relax in as well as a student common room with kitchenette and games facilities and receive a discount on all food and drinks
  • Our premises contain bike racks, facilities for the disabled plus staff and student shower facilities
  • The location is great – we are close to every transport option (trains, buses, carparks), with shopping, restaurants, banks, cafes, libraries, parks and sightseeing within easy walking distance
  • Living in the Canterbury- Bankstown area is cheaper than living in Sydney’s CBD and is only a short 20-minute train trip away
  • Regular term intakes provide a flexible enrolment option with a simple to understand and manage payment system
  • All courses are nationally accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) 

Government Recognition

When you choose to study at the Illawarra Business College, you can be assured that you are studying with an organisation that is recognised by the Australian Government as well as by professional and industry bodies.

The Illawarra Business College is committed to providing quality education to both local and overseas students. Training of international students is provided in accordance with the ESOS framework. We want overseas students studying in Australia with us to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study.

Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for all students. International students are further protected by laws are known as the ESOS framework and they include the Education Services for Overseas (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code.

The Illawarra Business College is a division of Focal Holdings Pty Ltd which is an Australian Educational Institution registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Overseas students can be assured that their training is being conducted by an organisation that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Our CRICOS Code is 01497F. Our provider code is 90191.

More information on the Australian Government’s educational system is found under the Australian Qualifications Framework at www.aqf.edu.au

We would like to thank all our staff and students who are in many of the photographs in this publication and on our website

Our Commitment to You

Focal Holdings Pty Ltd (‘Focal’) trading as The Illawarra Business College and Australian College of Hospitality ensures it complies with the registration requirements of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (‘ASQA’) and any legislative requirements throughout the period of its registration.

Focal’s obligations in relation to our students include:

  • maintaining compliance
  • issuing qualifications and statements of attainment
  • records management

Maintaining compliance

To maintain compliance we will:

comply with any other condition(s) that ASQA may impose.

Issuing qualifications and statements of attainment

Any qualifications or statements of attainment issued by our organisation for nationally recognised training will meet Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements.

These requirements are specified in:

The AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy

Schedule 5* of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

*The above Schedule must be read in conjunction with the AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy.

The College issues AQF certification documentation to a learner within 30 calendar days of the learner being assessed as meeting the requirements of the training qualification in which the learner is enrolled, provided that all agreed fees the learner owes to our RTO have been paid.

Use of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) logo

The AQF logo must be shown on all advanced diplomas, diplomas and certificates issued by the College for the completion of:

Vocational training package (full) qualifications

For information about the AQF logo, refer to the AQF Handbook.

Use of the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo

The NRT logo must be shown on all advanced diplomas, diplomas, certificates and statements of attainment issued by the College for the completion of:

Vocational training package (full) qualifications

Units of competency

For information about the NRT logo, refer to Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

Records management

Correctly managing records to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our student records.

In addition the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 require the College to effectively and efficiently manage our records.

We ensure that all records retained by the College are kept secure and are available for review, if required.

Records can be stored in hardcopy and/or electronic formats. Our electronic records are backed up regularly.Student results are retained electronically for 30 years in accordance with the legislative requirements.

For more information, refer to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

Why Sydney?

  • Great beaches and surfing
  • Great public transport system
  • Safe, clean and easy to navigate
  • Lots of work and accommodation opportunities
  • World famous festivals and events throughout the year
  • Blue Mountains and other scenic attractions only 90 minutes away
  • Snorkelling and surfing at local beaches
  • World-class restaurants and food from all over the world
  • Bush walks and visits to animal sanctuaries